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My Approach

A person can do years of cognitive therapy and have some breakthroughs. However, there can still be lingering limiting beliefs or left over residue of old habits still holding someone back. This can lead a person to think that either there therapist wasn't that great or there is something wrong with individual.

There is something that I have noticed is missing or forgotten and that is cellular memory in the cells of the body. When we go through day to day mini trauma's as well as significant emotional events, this gets stored in our bodies as cellular memory. This is an automatic protection mechanism used by our primal bodies.

Science has proven that the body reacts before the brain has a chance to process what is actually happening. So the body reacts and sends these messages to the brain via the Vagus nerve. Being that we filter the signals through previous experience we can easily misinterpret these situations. So what do we do about this?

Breathe. Breathing, when done correctly is a direct instant hack into the autonomic nervous system which delivers messages to the brain. This can also be measured through heart rate variability. I won't go into to much detail (keep an eye on my blogs) but you get the idea. So what science is proving is that you can immediately begin to control your reactions... your emotions... your choices... your behaviours... etc.

I will boldly say, how you breathe is how you live.
When will you start to breathe?

My Story

As a successful business owner with a young family, I have a hectic schedule just like the rest of us. However, through personal development, I have found balance in life, and this allows me to thrive in even the most stressful of situations.

Life was not always easy for me. I grew up in a christian home with my father as a pastor. The teen years leading up to my parents divorce in 1998 were crushing. As soon as I turned 18 I moved into my own place and rebelled against everything I was ever taught. I moved to LA in 2004 in pursuit of the Hollywood Dream and in 2007 it all came crashing down. I lost three loved ones in a matter of months and turned to prescription and recreational drugs and alcohol. I took on two jobs to pay for my lifestyle. After about a year, I decided that my body could not cope with the physical stress anymore, and made a choice to take responsibility for myself and to find real, sustainable happiness.

I met my husband Shane shortly after making this choice in early 2008. It was like the stars were aligning for me. It was time for me to make a big move towards the rest of my life. I only knew him for 6 months when I moved from the States to Australia to start this new life with Shane. I struggled my first year getting acclimated to so many changes, but of course after awhile I started to settle in. In 2010, I had my first baby girl, Eve. The birth was beautiful, I studied Hypnobirthing and had a 7 hour drug free labour. But... in hindsight I was preparing so much for the labour I forgot about the recovery.

I went home from the hospital 24 hours after birth and began the next phase of stress. During this time, I was really struggling to cope with the pressures of being far from home with a business to run and a young family. I had no life manual to study! This quickly turned into the post-baby blues.

This difficult time made me realise that I needed to do something BIG in order to make lasting changes to my health and wellbeing. I was not okay going down this slope. So I took action.

With hubby to support me, over the next few years I worked tirelessly to create a life I was inspired to live for. We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on life and business education, all the time furthering our personal development and honing our skills for dealing with people and stress.

In 2012, we went broke. We had a successful training business that we were wanting to trade for a business that was less time consuming and we jumped too early. So we had to take stock of what went wrong and apply everything we had learned thus far.

We were really pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones! We found that making small but practical changes to our lifestyle made a significant difference to the quality of our lives.

In 2013 I gave birth to my second daughter. I laboured 8 hours drug free to find that she was breech still and required an emergency cesarean. Luckily I was able to apply all the lessons I had learned from the first baby so the recovery was SOOooo much more enjoyable!  We now had several businesses on the go and we once more we felt like our life balance was not optimal. Through perseverance we developed strategies to address this, and to make sure work was aligned with life.

We found that there was magic that happened when we became consistent in routines that served us. Specifically when we became consistent with practicing our breathing. Life was falling into place! Sure we have our stresses and want to strangle each other, but we have tools to immediately tap into these reactions and flick them like a switch.

I am so passionate about what I’ve experienced that I want to share it with as many women as I can. As a woman, I understand the stresses that come with wearing so many hats in life. My aim is to always be learning how to create a life worth living and to share this knowledge with those who are ready.

Have I peaked your interest?

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