Letting Go of Perfection

Perfection; a useful tool to success, a control mechanism, a comfort in knowing, a double edged sword.

Perfectionism is a behaviour and can be a complimentary trait to life, to running businesses, organising family, setting up systems for future success, etc. However, when it’s over the top, things tend to fall apart. As I learn and grow at a fast pace I find that holding on to some perfectly old behaviours no longer serve me where I am called to go. Naturally it is a fear of the unknown.

What next?

It’s painful to hold on to certain aspects of our life that we have outgrown.

The need for guarantees will keep the doors of opportunity closed. Going through these doors to the unknown and closing them behind us will aid in a discovery of a whole new world; a world to grow and develop into more of our own individual infinite potential.

Only THREE things to remember:

  1. Awareness of perfection when it is sabotaging where you want to go
  2. Let Go of how you think it is supposed to be
  3. Take charge; only after letting go can you be open to take charge in a new way

By bringing awareness to our behaviours can we clear a pathway for growth, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc. The Autumn leaves have to fall before the new life of spring can emerge. The behaviour of perfection will resist change, which includes natural endings and uncontrollable change. Going with the flow of that significant change we are resisting, involves letting go of the old ways in order to move forward into the new.

Letting go of perfection will make room for new things in life.

Let go… lovingly, gently, and willingly.

Know when to put the oars in the boat and go with the flow. Know when to when it’s time to get them back out to paddle and steer.

A sure way to release the pain of perfection and of the past is to step forward into an unknown future… willingly.


One ACTION to start off with:

1. Inhale truth – Exhale not truth

Use the breath as an immediate action to heighten awareness, let go, and to take charge. Inhale and expand into truth, Exhale and let go of the energy of not truth and all you have outgrown.

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