The Pressure Cooker Is HOT! How To Quickly Diffuse Your Temper

There are days that I find myself getting frustrated or angry about something… anything… or nothing at all! I am just walking around in a state of vibrating anger; ready to pounce on anything that is not quite right. This could also be the perfectionist monster within! Too many things not going to plan, Haha!

Not surprisingly, I get upset easier on the days that I have not started with a morning routine that consists of 5 to 10 minutes of breathing exercises. I skipped it today, so my frustration just reminds me just how important it is to have a morning routine.

If you experience something similar and feel like you don’t want to take it out on everyone else anymore, here’s what I do. This immediately calms me down and discharges all that energy surging through my body. Allowing me to continue my day in peace.

100 Circular Breaths

These breaths are quick and very effective. We call them circular breaths because there should be no pause between your inhale and exhale. Lay comfortably on your back, only using a folded towel (if needed) to support your head. This is to keep  your airways open. Breathe as follows:

  • Inhale into the belly while expanding the ribs out, your breath should only come up into your chest a little bit
  • Exhale and let it all go. Allow the belly and ribs fall and relax
  • 1 second in and 1 second out a 100 breaths
  • Repeat one or more times depending on how wound up you feel

You will be surprised at how much better you feel after stoping for a quick 100 breaths!

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