Can’t Force The Limes To Grow Any Faster

Seven years ago we bought our lime tree because I LOVE making Margarita’s and limes can get pretty pricey when they aren’t in season. We had this tree for about 3 years and it was looking sparse with no sign of fruit. So we learned it wasn’t getting enough food and water (you can tell we aren’t natural green thumbs). Ok, so we started watering it and feeding it the best organic plant food we could buy including worm juice etc. But, still occasionally forgetting to look after it, business and babies seemed to be more important at this time.

Two years later we put our lime tree on a truck and moved from Melbourne to sunny Queensland! Our lime tree seemed to really respond to this move and started flourishing. To be honest, so did we! Our first year here the tree grew, but still no limes and the poor tree started to attract some crazy bugs and diseases on it’s branches. Choice, do we throw it out and buy a new one or really put some energy into making this tree bare some fruit?

Well, as a family we all worked together and transplanted the tree into a bigger pot. The girls thought it would be fun to name the tree Lily Lime Tree. So over the next year we made sure that we watered it and fed it often. Then at the beginning of spring this year Lily Lime Tree gave us one lime and that was it! We were so excited, we all shared in a little taste of the beautiful lime. A few months later another lime popped up, then another, and then another! We now have about a dozen limes! It’s like the last mile is the longest! I want to pick them now, but they are not quite ready yet.

Why am I sharing this with you? In hindsight, looking back over the last 7 years of our personal growth and compare it to the growth of Lily Lime Tree, it is pretty close to the exact same journey! Our businesses and personal life are finally starting to bare an abundance of fruit. We want to pluck it and reap the benefits but we know that would be greedy and the fruit wouldn’t be as nice.

So what do we do? We keep nurturing ourselves (and the lime tree). Put energy into it everyday, what do we need to do to keep flourishing? What do we need to do to feed our bodies, our mind, and our spirit? And do that! Learning to be patient and trust that Mother Nature has her process and if we can learn to align ourselves in the same way, we will all have an abundance of fruit… and MARGARITA’s!

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