Thoughts On The Feminine and The Masculine

I will start by saying, I don't believe we need to have one over the other. I believe we live in a time where we are coming predominately out of a Masculine phase. I feel that there is a rise of the Feminine voice. I believe when the Feminine finds love for herself (as well as acceptance and allowance), she finds inner strength and begins to voice truth. Both the Masculine and the Feminine are needed for balance to be restored (and to get shit done the way the world is today).

What I admire about the Feminine, is that there is an inherent ability to Love, Nurture, and Teach our children to the best of our abilities. An inner knowing or wisdom that can be found when we quite our chatter. For balance to be restored it is imperative to Love, Nurture, and Teach starting with 'self'.

Find the Divine Balance within and then teach our children (both boy and girl) how to do the same... After all, isn't this the purpose of our physical existence on this planet? Finding - no - Creating balance?

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